Our vision is to be the premiere property management company in southeastern Wisconsin.  Successfully managing real estate requires a deep understanding of all aspects of property management.  Our mission statement encapsulates the essence of how we do business:

AllSet Property Management provides a great living experience to great residents while maximizing value for its clients, all within a motivating work environment.

All facets of our mission work together for the greater good of our residents, our clients (owners), and our employees.  To have great residents reside in our properties, we must provide a great living experience for them.  With great residents living in our properties, maintenance costs are down, turnovers are minimized and property values increase, all of which helps to maximize the owner’s wealth.  As owner’s profit is maximized, they have more money to invest into the properties to provide a great living experience for residents… and the cycle continues.  These three facets work within the overarching framework of providing a motivating work environment for our employees.

We provide a great living experience for our residents by offering a high-level of customer service through frequent and meaningful communication, professional and courteous handling of residents and top-notch response time.  In addition, all our properties are visually appealing (curb appeal, common areas, and units) and functionally operational (everything works right!).

We find great residents by utilizing multiple marketing channels (both traditional and out-of-the-box channels) and by employing a strict screening process.  This is your investment and you want to protect it.

We maximize our client’s value in their investment in three ways:

  1. Maximizing income through low vacancy rates, maintaining market rents, and maximizing collections.
  2. Minimizing expenses using efficient supplies and efficient labor.
  3. Increasing property values by maximizing profit (revenue – expenses) and maintaining the properties.

We can only do all the above if we provide a motivating work environment for our employees so we can continue to execute on our mission year after year!

We are so confident in our capabilities that we developed a unique pricing model called Performance-Based Management, through which our compensation is based mainly on our total performance.